I learned to be a better communicator with key relationships in my life. PCM altered the way I connect with my children, clients, team and even how I connect with myself. Every single client I coach knows this model because I teach it to them. It is a fundamental component of our coaching relationship.

PCM helps people learn to get their needs met positively so they have energy to connect more meaningfully with others. It helps people recognize their distress and that of others. Most importantly, it reinforces we are all ok; and if we communicate from that vantage point our conversations become better.


I learned that life is a series of relationships. Relationships with your clients, customers, teams, friends, family, and self. The measurement of an effective relationship is the quality of your conversations. And if life is a series of relationships, then the quality of your relationships is linked to the quality of your life.

PCM is the best model I know to help people have conversations where the parties feel seen, heard, and valued. This translates to building more meaningful relationships which translates to people leading more fulfilled lives.

Stephanie HAU, Partner SSCA