Because I’m in a business that’s 90% focused on people and communication with them, I constantly search for self-improvement opportunities. Over the last 19 years, I’ve taken endless courses in sales and leadership. When I started my PCM journey in 2012, I thought it was a simple communication course.

PCM showed me how my business meets my psychological Persister needs. It improved my sales and leadership skills. I can easily channel a big group of people and see and communicate from others’ perspectives. Staff-wise, I’m more able to surround myself with people who easily benefit the business rather than require me to invest more energy.

My distress is down by 80%, and though at times I choose to stay there for a bit, my awareness has increased tremendously. Life is so much better. I’ve calmed the space between the ears.

When I realized my sister has a Rebel base and is in an Imaginer phase, I thought: ‘WOW! That’s why we’ve been communicating poorly, and she gets easily in distress around my father, brother, and me—we’re all in Persister phases.’ I started giving her time to recharge and using directive communication channels. With my wife it’s super simple: she has a Harmonizer base like me and is in a Rebel phase, which is my 4th floor, so we both like to have fun and play.